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I want to wear short dresses with thigh highs and curl my hair and wear read lipstick and just overall feel beautiful and feel like I can break men’s hearts 

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5SOS of summer gives me butterflies

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my reminder tag is my favorite tag in the world

like I love myself I love life

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If you’re trying to better yourself and your life, don’t go back to things that can hurt you. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or a person.

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"if u keep saying ur cute people are gonna think ur just begging for attention!!!" hell yeah i want all the attention in the world. everyone pay attention to me im wonderful, im great and im beautiful

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hard of hearing

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Sh*t Hearing People Say to Hard of Hearing People


"Not to be rude but—"
Not to be rude, BUT—”
"Dude, I’m totally not trying to be rude when I say this but—"

"Why do you talk like that?"

*in a room on speakerphone with music on loud, tv on, street noises, etc*
"Why should I have to speak louder, why can’t you just get hearing aids?"

"Say the word ‘success’.  I just wanna hear you say it."
"Say ___"
"Say ___"
"Just start talking, I wanna hear you talk"
"Oh, my god, that’s so funny how you say that"


"What are you, deaf or something?"

"I don’t understand why you don’t like talking on the phone…"

"Call me."
"Call me."

*Mouths*  “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”

*Talking at a really far distance*

"So, can you like, drive a car?"

"How do you say “fuck you” in sign language?"
“Suck my dick”
“I want to lick your asshole”
"It’s not for me – it’s for someone else.


"If I wanted to read subtitles, I would’ve picked up a book."

"I have a grandma who’s deaf."

"Wait, is it death or is it deaf?  Death?  Okay, you’re death?”


*Whispering at a crowded bar*

"Guess what?  I’m taking a sign language class!"

"So I was watching America’s Got Talent and there’s this guy on there who sounds just like you.”

"So are you like, death or half death or death in one ear?"
"Hard of Hearing?  What the hell is that?"
"Well, I’m just gonna say you’re deaf."

"Oh my god, pick up the phone!"

"I was calling you out in the parking lot and then I forgot about your hearing problem.  Remember that?  Your hearing problem?  I totally forgot that you can’t hear."

"But you don’t like act differently, I mean, you act normal."

"I totally forgot you can’t hear me"

"Can you hear that?"
"You can’t hear that?"
"I’ll turn it up really loud."
"You can’t hear that?"

"That’s REALLY loud."

"Did you hear what I said?"

"Do you read lips?  What’s that girl saying over there right now?"

"You misunderstood me, I did not say that.  Maybe you didn’t hear me right.”


I seriously want to make a video of this.

By Arthur C. McWilliams IV

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Deaf Awareness Week is upon us here in the UK! :D These pictures highlight the importance of lip-reading for Deaf and hard of hearing people all over the world…

We hate it when people mumble

we hate it when people cover their mouths

we hate it when people shout thinking we’ll hear better

we hate it when more than one person speak to us at the same time

we hate it when people do speak clearly….

BUT we do love it when people make the effort to talk clearly to us :)

Happy Deaf Awareness week!!


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vacation 2014

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