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AU where Stiles has a twin sister and they dress up as Dipper and Mabel Pines

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I don’t want to take this off

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These shirts are probably going to become favorites

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I had a great day! So great I’m not even going to put a read more

I drove on the high way for the first time today! Mom and I went to famous footwear and I bought vans instead of converses! And then we went to the Halloween store and oh my god I can’t stop watching this video I took of my mom getting scared by this zombie thing hahaha okay anyways I got a costume! Then we went to Ross and I bought two shirts and they’re awesome. Then we got chick fil a and they actually under charged us! The guy at the drive thru was cute too but whatever.
Then we stop by the dollar store and mom got me candy corn which I’ve been dying to have! We went home and decorated the door and gate for Halloween! And we went to my aunt’s house across the street and that made us happy!
We went home and I tried on my costume and mom said I looked hot! I felt great. I’m supposed to be little red riding hood but I feel like a witch or something
Anyways This month has gone great so far and I’m excited for Halloween!

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  • Powwow
  • Fair
  • Baby shower
  • Corn Maze
  • Fall Festival
  • Shopping
  • Haunted band room
  • Halloween
  • Birthday party
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My niece took these photos of me and I love them! True happiness

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looking pretty good tbh

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